Family Fun In The Sun

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As communities adjust to life with the aftermath of COVID 19, this summer is unlike any summer on record. Although communities are unable to host some of the traditional summer activities with social distancing guidelines still in place, families can still have fun at home. Some activities to consider include yard games, outside crafts, yard or sidewalk decorating, and trying new food recipes. These different activities are great ways to spend quality time with family while keeping busy as we wait for normalcy to return. The following list has a few more specific ideas in each of these areas:

Yard Games

Think board games, but bigger and enjoyable in the sun! Some yard games that come to mind immediately are bags, croquet, ladder golf, and frisbee golf. Other ideas could be making an obstacle course, can or bottle bowling, or Giant Jenga. Turn these into a “Summer Olympics” for your family by competing in all of the games and tallying up the most wins!

Outside Crafts

Some crafts that can be completed outside to enhance the wildlife in your yard include birdhouses or pop bottle birdfeeders. There are many kinds of bird feeders or birdhouses that can be made with materials around the house, as shown in this article.  A craft the whole family to enjoy could be a personal drive-in theater. Simply project a movie on your garage door or side of your house and enjoy! Many of the other ideas throughout this list can be DIY crafts too, just see the links on the ideas or at the bottom of the article. 


Why not spend some time enhancing your home’s exterior and your sidewalk for others to enjoy – especially if you live in town! Using sidewalk chalk you can draw and color your sidewalks. You can even make it a contest and ask passersby to vote on the best square! Visit your local greenhouse and plant some pots with pretty flowers or freshen up your flower gardens with new plants. Encourage your children or roommates to pick a part of the garden that they are responsible for and you can make this a daily task. Finally, consider hanging string lights outside for a low-light hangout space to enjoy in the evenings.

New Food Recipes

Grilling or campfire cooking is always a must for the summer months. Think about adding some new recipes to the menu like bacon-wrapped asparagus or vegetable kebabs. For the fire, give pie iron pizzas or tinfoil pouch hot-meal a try. These recipes can all be as healthy, or as indulgent, as you want to make them, and they are even customizable for the pickiest eaters!

Even with the unprecedented circumstances of this summer, there are many ways to continue having fun and spending quality time with loved ones. The activities listed above can be a great starting point but there are endless resources online for more fun-filled ideas. Enjoy this extra time with your family and stay safe and healthy this summer!