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Smart Investing

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Have you been thinking about investing? Well, it is important to fully understand what investing is and how it works before diving in. There are a few things to think about and plan for before getting started. This includes clarifying why you want to invest, when you plan to start, how much and how often you will contribute, and how … Read More

2021 Tax Planning Tips

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At the start of the new year it can be easy to forget that tax season is just around the corner. Hopefully, all end of the year planning for 2020 has already been taken care of so you can start to focus on getting everything in order for filing taxes. This year, planning for taxes, and taxes in general, may … Read More

Updates to the SECURE Act You Should Know About

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The 1.4 trillion dollar SECURE Act was signed into law effective January 1st of 2020. The SECURE Act, which stands for, “Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement,” was designed to make retirement an attainable goal for all Americans. This legislation will be the largest change to retirement plans in this country for over a decade. Whether you have a … Read More

6 Different Types of Trust Accounts

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Let’s talk about estate planning for a minute and how important and helpful a trust can be. Most individuals do not like to talk about what might happen when they pass away, but if you plan ahead it can create an easier process for your children or spouse. Having a will or trust in place can prevent your assets from … Read More