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The Importance of being Pre-Qualified

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As with many financial moves in life, buying a house can require various financial approvals before the purchase actually goes through. However, there is one step that can come before even pre-approval and can help your home purchase process go more smoothly. Pre-qualification is an important step to home buying and setting up a mortgage that should not be overlooked. … Read More

Home Purchase Planning

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Buying a home is an exciting and stressful time for anyone, whether it is the first or the fifth time buying a home. When it comes to purchasing a home, there are all kinds of steps that need to take place before the sale is official, but there are also many steps that should be considered before even submitting an … Read More

Buying Your First or Forever Home

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Buying a house can be thrilling and stressful, no matter if it’s your first home or your last home. It’s easy to get lost in the excitement and pressure of touring homes and submitting bids to the seller, but it’s important to slow down and assess the details of the house itself and especially the financial and legal paperwork involved. … Read More

Things To Consider When Applying For A Mortgage Loan

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Getting approved for a mortgage loan is one of the most important parts of the home buying process. Here are some things to keep in mind to help you get approved for a mortgage loan. Calculate your income  It’s a good idea to hold onto pay stubs when your looking for a home, as your mortgage lender will likely ask … Read More

Homeowners Insurance: The Importance & Benefits Of Having It

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There’s no denying homeowners insurance is important, but most homeowners don’t completely understand all the benefits that they are getting from their insurance. Below are five benefits of having homeowners insurance. It’s required by your mortgage lender The minimum amount of homeowners insurance that you need depends on the size of your mortgage. If you fail to get the proper … Read More

First Time Home Buyer Mistakes To Avoid

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It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying a new home. This excitement can cause first time homeowners to make mistakes, that could lead to buyer’s remorse later on. Laid out below are some common mistakes made when buying a home for the first time, and some tips on how to avoid making them. Looking for a … Read More