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Smart Investing

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Have you been thinking about investing? Well, it is important to fully understand what investing is and how it works before diving in. There are a few things to think about and plan for before getting started. This includes clarifying why you want to invest, when you plan to start, how much and how often you will contribute, and how … Read More

2021 Tax Planning Tips

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At the start of the new year it can be easy to forget that tax season is just around the corner. Hopefully, all end of the year planning for 2020 has already been taken care of so you can start to focus on getting everything in order for filing taxes. This year, planning for taxes, and taxes in general, may … Read More

Financial Tips for 2021

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The start of the new year is a great time to reassess your financial situation, make a plan for saving in the future, and put that plan into action early in the year! Although the new year’s resolution approach to financial planning can seem like a great accountabilty tool, it is also important to make resolutions that are attainable with … Read More

Year End Financial Planning

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Throughout the year is it easy to forget about tracking and managing your finances, many people use the final months of the year to get themselves back on track to start the new year off right. Jumping back into financial planning can be a bit stressful, but here are some of the most important steps to take to end the … Read More

Smart Holiday Shopping Tips

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With the winter holidays right around the corner, spending on gifts, decorations, and party planning is about to become more and more routine! During this time it is easy to get carried away and spend over your expected, and intended, budget. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you save some of your holiday money and avoid that … Read More

Protecting Yourself from Money Scamming

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Money scams are nothing new. On some level, everyone who owns a phone, landline or mobile, has interacted with a money scammer at some point in their life. However, money scammers can also take the form of pre-recorded audio calls, personal emails, messages on social media sites, and many more, so no one can say that they are not at … Read More

Personal Credit vs. Business Credit

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Credit is something we are all familiar with. We use it to pay bills, put gas in our cars and so much more. Every person has their own credit history that follows them throughout their lives. The same could be said for businesses. Even though they aren’t people, businesses generate their own credit history and scores. Personal Credit According to … Read More