Fun Indoor Family Activities During Winter Months

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Winter days can easily become long and restless. It can feel like you are stuck indoors with nothing to do. Whether school is canceled due to snow, the temperature is in single digits, or the roads are too icy to drive, there are many fun indoor activities you can do with your family to keep busy instead. Although it might seem like there’s nothing that could possibly keep your family occupied and happy, that is far from the truth! There are endless possibilities! Try these activities out the next time the winter weather hits: have an indoor camp-out, conduct a scavenger hunt, write some letters, and organize a craft party!

Create a Campsite

Camping in your living room is guaranteed to keep your family happy! This can consist of setting up a tent, creating a blanket fort, breaking out the sleeping bags, telling stories with lanterns, making s’mores over the stove, and playing board games! Indoor camping is a great way to get your whole family involved. It will surely bring the outdoors to your family without having to bear the cold. It will instead remind your children of warm summer time! 

Lead a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is another great endeavor for your family. The excitement and problem solving that comes along with a scavenger hunt is unmatched. It’s important to plan out your route and number your clues. Provide written clues that your kids will understand. Place the clues in order so that your children will move from one clue to the next. To keep the kids involved and interested it might be helpful to include prizes along the way or explain to them that there is reward at the end! 

Write a Letter

Another great indoor activity that is both thoughtful and engaging is to write handmade letters to family and friends. The art of writing letters is dwindling, but is still a great skill to teach your family. It is sure to put a smile on the person’s face at the receiving end! With this activity, you can give your children free rein and creative freedom. Get out the markers, crayons, pencils, cards, and envelopes. Letting kids decorate the cards and envelopes themselves will ensure that they are satisfied with the final product. You may have to help with writing or spelling so that the receiver understands the message. This project is guaranteed to keep your kids excited, while also bringing joy to the person receiving the letter!

Take to Crafting

Every kid loves creating their own personal crafting masterpieces! A great advantage to crafting is how independent and hands-off it can be for you! Letting your kids take control and make their own creation is key. Set out all available craft materials found in your home. You can also pull out some random items around the house that aren’t used anymore to see what your kids can reinvent! You might be surprised with what your children’s imagination can come up with! One warning for this activity: it might get a little messy! It is in your best interest to put down an old tablecloth or some sort of covering before handing it over to the children.

During the winter, it might be difficult to come up with ideas to keep your children busy, but don’t lose hope. There are so many great ideas that come with so little planning on your end. This can be anything from setting up a tent, supervising a treasure hunt, writing thoughtful notes to family, creating crafted masterpieces, to so much more!