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Fun Indoor Family Activities During Winter Months

Posted by First BankPosted on Family, General

Winter days can easily become long and restless. It can feel like you are stuck indoors with nothing to do. Whether school is canceled due to snow, the temperature is in single digits, or the roads are too icy to drive, there are many fun indoor activities you can do with your family to keep busy instead. Although it might … Read More

College Savings Accounts – All You Need to Know

Posted by Lisa PetersonPosted on Banking 101

Saving for college is critical for many families, and it can weigh on a lot of people’s minds. The act of saving for college can be a big deal and a lot of hard work. It is important to know what kind of savings tactics and bank accounts are going to make it easy. There are a handful of accounts … Read More

Fall Harvest Safety

Posted by Chris MillerPosted on Agriculture

It is finally time for fall harvest. Harvesting takes place anytime from mid-September to November, but it is most common throughout October! It is important to take safety precautions while out in the field. Keep reading to learn about a few necessary safety tips for this harvest season! Read Over Equipment Manuals Before starting up machinery, it is important to … Read More

Financial Education for High School Students

Posted by First BankPosted on Banking 101, General

Whether you plan to go to college, take a gap year, or go straight into the workforce, all high schoolers should know how to handle and manage their money. High school is a great place to start learning how to be financially intelligent. It is important for high schoolers to know the basic information about opening bank accounts, setting goals … Read More

Smart Investing

Posted by First BankPosted on Investment Services, Money & Metrics, Trust & Investments

Have you been thinking about investing? Well, it is important to fully understand what investing is and how it works before diving in. There are a few things to think about and plan for before getting started. This includes clarifying why you want to invest, when you plan to start, how much and how often you will contribute, and how … Read More

Budget Friendly Summer Fun

Posted by First BankPosted on General

Summer is a time for relaxation, vacation, and recreation! But oftentimes the activities that go along with those things cost money, and costs can add up fast. So instead of spending your money every step of the way this summer, here are some budget friendly activities that you can do with little to no preparation or additional cost! Free outdoor … Read More

Summer Vacation Preparation

Posted by First BankPosted on General

Getting ready for summer means preparing for those long awaited summer vacations! Especially after many of last summer’s trips were put on hold, everyone is looking forward to a summer of travel and time away. As you are starting to prepare for your own vacations, consider a few items on the list below to help make sure your home is … Read More

The Importance of being Pre-Qualified

Posted by First BankPosted on Mortgages

As with many financial moves in life, buying a house can require various financial approvals before the purchase actually goes through. However, there is one step that can come before even pre-approval and can help your home purchase process go more smoothly. Pre-qualification is an important step to home buying and setting up a mortgage that should not be overlooked. … Read More

Preparing Your Home for Spring

Posted by First BankPosted on General

The age old spring cleaning tradition is about to come up for many households as the weather warms. Although many take spring cleaning as a chance to throw out old or unused items from the previous years, there are other tasks that can really help you prepare your home for the spring months to come! Some tasks can help with … Read More

Home Purchase Planning

Posted by First BankPosted on Banking 101, Home Ownership, Mortgages

Buying a home is an exciting and stressful time for anyone, whether it is the first or the fifth time buying a home. When it comes to purchasing a home, there are all kinds of steps that need to take place before the sale is official, but there are also many steps that should be considered before even submitting an … Read More

2021 Tax Planning Tips

Posted by First BankPosted on Banking 101, Money & Metrics, Trust & Investments

At the start of the new year it can be easy to forget that tax season is just around the corner. Hopefully, all end of the year planning for 2020 has already been taken care of so you can start to focus on getting everything in order for filing taxes. This year, planning for taxes, and taxes in general, may … Read More

Financial Tips for 2021

Posted by First BankPosted on Banking 101, General, Money & Metrics

The start of the new year is a great time to reassess your financial situation, make a plan for saving in the future, and put that plan into action early in the year! Although the new year’s resolution approach to financial planning can seem like a great accountabilty tool, it is also important to make resolutions that are attainable with … Read More