Summer Vacation Preparation

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Getting ready for summer means preparing for those long awaited summer vacations! Especially after many of last summer’s trips were put on hold, everyone is looking forward to a summer of travel and time away. As you are starting to prepare for your own vacations, consider a few items on the list below to help make sure your home is ready to be left empty for an extended time and you have everything you need on your trip!

Make a “before you go” planning checklist. When you’re leaving for an extended period of time, it can be worth it to prepare your house for your absence. some items to consider include: Reset your thermostat, clean out your fridge and other perishable items, prepay any upcoming bills, unplug your appliances, close your curtains, and lock your doors before you go! Remember not to post on social media about your plans to be away to avoid any potential theft. 

Make an “on the road” checklist. If you know you’ll be on the road for a while or in transit before your vacation begins, make yourself a list of items and activities that could come in handy to pass the time. Snacks, portable games, spare batteries or charger packs, cash, and pillow and blanket should all be within easy reach as you are on the road. the more readily available these items are, the less hassle it can be to keep travelers entertained and take care of any needs on the fly.

Make a clothing checklist. Check the weather forecast for wherever you’re going and figure out what activities you are planning during the trip and how long you’re going to be gone. From there, make yourself a list of clothing items you expect to need including enough clothes to get through the vacation. Consider if you will have access to do your own laundry and you might realize your list can be even shorter if you can wash and re-wear your clothes.

Make a just for fun checklist. Depending on what you have planned for your vacation you may want to bring some items to help you pass the time! If you have downtime on your trip, think about bringing activities that you enjoy on your own or with a group. Books, card or board games, movies, knitting or other crafts are all great ways to pass the time alone or bond with the people around you.

Make a just in case checklist. Just as you plan for the best, it’s always good practice to plan for the worst as well. Having emergency contacts and plans in place for if disaster strikes can help with peace of mind and resolve potential problems. Make a list of the local emergency responders or health care facilities along with your first aid or emergency pack in case your emergency is more serious than you can handle on your own.

Personalizing the above checklists to meet your needs can ensure a smooth vacation beginning to end. Depending on your trip, some lists may be more necessary than others or may require more or less preparation for your vacation needs. Remember to check you lists twice before you leave to make sure your home is prepared for your absence and you have everything you might need while you’re gone!

Along with preparing your home, travel items, clothing, and more, it is also important to notify your financial institution. This is as simple as calling your bank and letting them know of your arranged travel plans. Letting your bank know of your agenda will ensure that they won’t flag your account of suspicious activity or block account spending from a place that is uncommon for you. When your bank sees spending from across the country, or maybe even in a different country, there is a large chance that you will have to verify the transaction with your bank. In the worst-case scenario, your spending may be blocked altogether because of the precautions your financial institution is taking. In order to prevent this hassle for both the bank and yourself, all you have to do is simply notify your bank before the vacation or travel plans!