Preparing Your Home for Spring

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The age old spring cleaning tradition is about to come up for many households as the weather warms. Although many take spring cleaning as a chance to throw out old or unused items from the previous years, there are other tasks that can really help you prepare your home for the spring months to come! Some tasks can help with the structural and practical needs of your home, and other tasks can help you freshen up your interior as you move into the spring and summer months.

Clean gutters and general exterior check. As the weather warms, it’s a good idea to check your gutters and downspouts for build up leaves, sticks and other debris from the previous year. Blockages can cause damage to your home quickly, especially when unexpected spring storms start to pop up. While looking over gutters, you can also do a general check of the exterior of your home for any roofing or siding problems that could have worsened over the winter months.

Replace filters, clean vents and windows and their screens. While this can be a cosmetic step, it is also a very healthy step if you or anyone in your household has breathing issues or poor lung health. Replacing your air duct filters and cleaning them out once a year can remove some harmful dust and other air contaminants that have been cycled through your home. Cleaning your windows and their screens can help freshen up the look of your home’s interior and also remove any grime or dust that has gathered on the screen over the year.

Deep clean kitchen and bathrooms. Perhaps the most labor intensive cleaning, but it can also be very therapeutic at the start of the spring season. Deep cleaning the kitchen allows you to create a fresh slate in the most used room of the home AND gives you the opportunity to clear out any unused, old, or expired food that is taking up space in your fridge or cupboards. The same can be said for deep cleaning your bathrooms! What products are going unused or are past their prime, and should you really be using them or keeping them around if they are no longer useful?

Switch out heavy clothes, bedding and throws. Moving into more cosmetic, and perhaps more enjoyable, spring preparation means it’s time to switch out the winter wardrobe and bedding for something more fresh! Store your winter clothes, bedding, and throw blankets until next winter, but be sure to give it all a wash before storing. Use lighter bedding and brighter colors to transform your space into one that welcomes springtime energy!

Let nature into your home! Switch out your darker curtains or wall decorations for something a bit lighter to allow natural light in so you can feel the changes of the season in your home! Get some fresh flowers from your local greenhouse to freshen up your kitchen or dining room, or better yet, buy some new houseplants for year round greens! Keeping the right plants in your home can help with air quality, visual pleasure, and a new pastime to keep you interested.

With these few practical and decorative tips your home will be ready for spring in no time! Alternating these steps by completing one practical and then one decorative step can keep you motivated to continue as you feel a sense of accomplishment and start to see a difference in your home right off the bat. Spring has always been a time or renewal and growth, so take some time to grow and improve your home as the spring season blooms around you!