Budget Friendly Summer Fun

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Summer is a time for relaxation, vacation, and recreation! But oftentimes the activities that go along with those things cost money, and costs can add up fast. So instead of spending your money every step of the way this summer, here are some budget friendly activities that you can do with little to no preparation or additional cost!

Free outdoor activities: Google search a list of public parks or hiking trails that are near to you and spend a day outdoors on a local nature adventure. Or better yet, if there isn’t a trail or part large enough, make a list of parks and do a “tour of trails” and try to hit as many local parks as you can! This is a great activity to do with energetic kids or pets – you can even do a bit of extra research and see if there are any scavenger hunts or GeoCaches in the parks you’re going to for an added activity! While you are branching out to local areas, you can look into Farmers Markets going on and take a look at the items available or just enjoy the atmosphere – no need to buy if you don’t have a need for something!

Activities with a little prep work: Speaking of local parks, many also offer free or minimal cost camping options; plan yourself a mini getaway and rough it for a few nights. Although this may require a bit of forward thinking and planning, if you already have the gear, it is mostly a matter of gathering what camp-friendly food and sleeping materials you have on hand. Once you set up camp you can simply take a hike or just enjoy your time with a good book or outdoor activities. You can even set up camp in your own backyard if you’re not interested in packing up items – you can simply run back to the house any time you need!

Water fun to keep cool: With a hose and a sprinkler you can quickly create your own water garden in your yard! If you don’t have a sprinkler there are all kinds of ways to make an impromptu one – tape over the end, a two-liter with holes, and more – if you don’t want to go out and buy one for future use. To beat the heat and have some fun, you can also fill buckets or plastic containers with water and use sponges for reusable ammunition in a water fight with friends or family. Again, with some research you can find local free beaches to visit if you want to go for a swim while avoiding the pool entry fee.

Indoor activities to beat the heat: If you’re looking to spend some time inside on those especially hot days (or stormy days) there are options to do on your own, with children, or friends! Scope out Netflix or other streaming platforms and choose a show to binge with a friend or on your own, just don’t forget the snacks! Camp out in your own living room and make a blanket-fort instead of popping a tent. You can still tell the scary stories and even make s’mores in the microwave, but you don’t have to worry about that upcoming night storm! Have an indoor arts and crafts day – look up a few easy to make or useful DIYs that you can complete on your own or with family members. At the end of the day, you’ll have something useful or beautiful to enjoy instead of a new sunburn to care for!

There are many cheap or free activities that you can do this summer on your own or with friends and family! Some may take some additional time to plan but in the end, having a good time and enjoying your summer days is what it is all about. Trying out different activities on this list is sure to give you some unique summer experiences without breaking the bank!