10 Farming Podcasts To Listen To

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For any farming or agriculture topic, there is a podcast for it. Whether you are a lifetime farmer, a gardener, or work with livestock, there’s so many shows to choose from. Many including those listed can be found on the Podcast Player from the Android Play Store or under Podcasts on Apple iTunes. Many are free.

Farmer to Farmer: This podcast was produced weekly from 2015 to 2018 by the late veggie farmer and consultant Chris Blanchard. Topics covered including, soil, record keeping and getting crops out, could be related by new first timers or farmers that have a lifetime of experience.

Growing Farms: Host John Suscarich interviews a variety of family farms across the U.S.

The Ruminant: This podcast focuses on vegetable growing for micro scale growers.

The Beginning Farmer Show: Host Ethan Book highlights the good, the bad and the ugly of starting a farm from scratch with decisions and lessons he has learned.

The Organic Gardener: This show interviews many different organic gardeners who share their earth friendly techniques helping those who want to reach their goals of a small bed in their backyard or those who want to operate on a small scale.

The Urban Farm: This show features the importance of growing food in urban areas. Topics such as beekeeping, chicken farming, composting, monetizing your farm and more.

Farm to Table Talk: The podcast featuring chefs of restaurants that tell of where and what farm their food comes from as well as other trends in the growing world of fresh and local.

Homesteady: A show that focuses on sustainable living with topics such as hunting, fishing, farming and gardening.

Farming Today: A podcast about food, farming and the countryside appealing to modern farmers and interviews with people from the US and the UK.

The Meat Block: Hosts Travis and David both butchers and farmers discuss the process of raising livestock, the slaughtering process and retail of meat.